Capturing the Emotion of Your Wedding Day


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The beautiful flowers and the gorgeous gown are important parts of your wedding day, but the part you’ll want to remember more than anything is the emotion. From the moments spent with your parents before your wedding to the look on the groom’s face when he sees you for the first time, it’s the emotion of your wedding day that you’ll cherish.

When you work with a photographer, you want a team that can capture these moments. Working with a photographer and videographer can help ensure that you have the most important part of your wedding captured forever.


This is why it’s also important to find a photographer who will book only one wedding per date. Rather than rushing off to another couple’s big day, your photographer should be there for all the big moments and all the little moments that will make your wedding special.

If you’re looking for the perfect New Jersey wedding photographer, give us a call today!

Why Getting a Files Only Package Is Risky


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Last week we spoke about how it can be great to get the original files of your wedding photos in addition to a professional wedding album. Many couples think that getting a “files only” package is a good way to save money, but it isn’t something we’d recommend.

With digital cameras, you get a lot of photos, but don’t ever get around to printing them out. After your wedding, you’ll have so many things to think about that getting photos printed will be the furthest thing from your mind. You might also feel that the added cost of photo printing isn’t a priority.


Getting only the files is also risky. The CD or DVD that you get of your wedding photos can get corrupted or scratched, and photos you’ve saved to your hard drive can be lost through a computer crash. If you haven’t yet printed them, all your wedding memories could be lost forever!

Instead, you should look for a New Jersey wedding photographer that offers you the best of both. When we photograph your wedding, you’ll get a beautiful photo album that you and future generations can cherish. We also give you the original files, so you have the flexibility to print and share your photos as much as you’d like. To find out more about what we offer, give us a call today.

Sharing Your Wedding Photos


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You’ve shared your wedding day with your friends and family, and you probably want to share your wedding photos, too. Many couples planning their wedding wonder how they’ll be able to do this, though.


When you choose your wedding photographer, it’s important to find out whether you will be given the full resolution files and copyright release. When you have the full resolution photos, you have the digital equivalent to the photo negatives. This means you can print them as you wish, or even share them online.

Having the full resolution files will give you the most flexibility, and is ideal when combined with a printed album. This gives you the best of both worlds — you have a physical memento for yourself and any other family members, while also keeping the option of having other photos printed in the future.

At Essence Photography and Video, all of our wedding photography packages include albums and full resolution digital files. We also offer the unedited video footage along with the beautifully edited Blu-ray disc. To find out more about what we can do for your New Jersey wedding, give us a call today!

Photo Booths: Are They Worth It?


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Wedding photo booths are a big trend, but they might not be right for your big day. Instead, you might want to consider a better wedding photography package.

  • Distraction: Your wedding reception is only for a few hours. You want your guests to enjoy that time, dancing and having fun, not sifting through props and waiting in line for a photo booth.


  • Memories: A scrapbook of your guests making funny faces might not be how you want to remember your wedding day. Instead, consider a photo album that includes photos of everyone having a wonderful time together.
  • Candid shots: Many of your guests will come armed with their own cameras, so you’ll be getting plenty of candid photos. Along with your professional photos and video, these can give you full coverage of your wedding much better than a photo booth will.
  • Style: If you’re planning a formal wedding, a photo booth might not suit your style. Keeping things classy for every aspect of your wedding can make your day much better.

Choosing the best photography solution for your New Jersey wedding is a key part of having the day you really want. To find out more about our wedding photography and videography packages, give us a call today.

Get Inspired by Celebrity Wedding Photos


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Celebrity weddings are well-known for setting trends, but they can also be a great inspiration for your wedding photos. Celebrity wedding photos are often done with an artistic twist, something that you can incorporate into your own wedding album.

  • The attitude: One thing that any bride can learn from celebrity weddings is the attitude in the photos. Celebrities are used to being photographed, which is why they look so comfortable in all of their wedding photos. If you aren’t comfortable with a camera around you, have your bridesmaids take a lot of photos of you leading up to your big day.
  • The shots: Celebrity wedding photos often include special artistic photos taken throughout the wedding. This can mean you need to leave extra time for photos, or schedule multiple times during your reception to sneak off for extra photo shoots.
  • The photographer: The one thing every celebrity wedding photo has behind it is a great photographer. Having amateur photographers take all your wedding photos will never give you the results you want. Choosing a great New Jersey wedding photographer can give you the celebrity style photos you want.

We offer experience and can work in a variety of styles to ensure you get the celebrity style wedding photos you want. Give us a call today to find out more about our New Jersey wedding photography services.

Are Still Photos Enough for Your Wedding Day?


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Still photos are a wedding day essential. They can be displayed for years to come, and can be the basis of an album that you can show future generations. But are they enough for fully capturing your wedding day?

A wedding video can give you a more complete memory of your wedding. Having a video of your ceremony can be a way of really sharing that moment with your future children and grandchildren. It can remind you of the beautiful vows you exchanged, and the emotion of the moment.


Similarly, a wedding video can be a great way to capture the first dance. While a still photo might capture a single instant of your dance, a wedding video will capture the whole thing. You can watch your full dance, with the music that you chose, in stunning high definition.

Just like you need to choose a great New Jersey wedding photographer, you also need to choose an experienced wedding videographer. We can provide both still photos and videos, and give you the best coverage of your wedding so you can remember all the important moments for years to come. To find out more about what we offer, or to book us for your New Jersey wedding, give us a call today.

Must Have Wedding Preparation Photos


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Your wedding day is going to be full of moments that a professional photographer will capture for you. Whatever photography style you choose, there are some shots from before the wedding that every couple will want as part of their wedding album.

  • The dress: Before you put it on, have your photographer take a few shots of it hanging up.
  • The flowers: Even if you’re planning on preserving your bouquet, it’s great to have a shot of it (and any other flowers) in all their glory.
  • The bride getting ready: The moments when the bride gets ready, helped by her bridesmaids and mother, can be full of emotion, and are always worth capturing.
  • The bride with bridesmaids and groom with groomsmen: These group shots are generally taken before the ceremony, but can also be done after. Either way, they’re a great addition to your album.
  • essence-ringsThe rings: Before the ceremony, get a few shots of the rings. These often result in beautifully artistic photos that you’ll want to display.
  • The empty venue: After everything is set up, but before the guests arrive, your photographer can shoot the venue. This gives you a beautiful reminder of the beautiful location you chose for your big day.

There are many other moments that your photographers will be able to capture on your wedding day. Working with an experienced New Jersey wedding photographer can ensure that you get all the shots you want, and all the special moments that great photographers can catch. To find out more about what we can bring to your wedding day, get in touch now!

Understanding Different Wedding Photography Styles


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As you begin researching the perfect wedding photographer for your big day, one of the first things you’ll notice is the different styles of wedding photography. Understanding them can help you get a better idea of what you want for your wedding day.



This is exactly what it sounds like – the traditional wedding photos where everyone poses for every shot. This style of photography is ideal if you want to have a formal look that is in keeping with the photos that your parents and grandparents have of their weddings.



This style has dominated wedding photography recently. It involves a lot of posed photos, and planned photo shoots, but offers a less formal style than the traditional style. The photos are still planned out, but you’ll likely be in more relaxed poses that show off a bit more fun and personality.



These photos have been a big trend, and take inspiration from news style photography. They capture things as they happen, with little to no intervention from the photographer. The result is a candid style that captures the emotion and action of your wedding day.

Combined styles

If you want some formal shots, some candid shots, and maybe even some artistic shots, which can be in any of the photography styles, you’ll want to look for a photographer who can work in combined styles. This can give you the best mix of photos, and a more interesting wedding album.

Not all New Jersey wedding photographers work in every style. When you look for the right photographer for your wedding, check out their portfolio to see which styles they work in. Our photographers are able to shoot your wedding photos in any of these styles, and only work at one wedding on a day. This means you can get excellent coverage in a combined style. To find out more about what we offer, get in touch today!

Should your wedding video be shot in high def?


The newer televisions are fast out pacing the older standard models. If you try to watch a video shot in standard 400dpi(digital) on a newer TV you either have to watch it in the right format or stretch to fill the screen. Either way the best bet is to get in shot in high def and edited and burned to a blu-ray disc. This way even though 3-d is the next up and coming format you will be able to watch your wedding video crystalclear for years to come!