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As you begin researching the perfect wedding photographer for your big day, one of the first things you’ll notice is the different styles of wedding photography. Understanding them can help you get a better idea of what you want for your wedding day.



This is exactly what it sounds like – the traditional wedding photos where everyone poses for every shot. This style of photography is ideal if you want to have a formal look that is in keeping with the photos that your parents and grandparents have of their weddings.



This style has dominated wedding photography recently. It involves a lot of posed photos, and planned photo shoots, but offers a less formal style than the traditional style. The photos are still planned out, but you’ll likely be in more relaxed poses that show off a bit more fun and personality.



These photos have been a big trend, and take inspiration from news style photography. They capture things as they happen, with little to no intervention from the photographer. The result is a candid style that captures the emotion and action of your wedding day.

Combined styles

If you want some formal shots, some candid shots, and maybe even some artistic shots, which can be in any of the photography styles, you’ll want to look for a photographer who can work in combined styles. This can give you the best mix of photos, and a more interesting wedding album.

Not all New Jersey wedding photographers work in every style. When you look for the right photographer for your wedding, check out their portfolio to see which styles they work in. Our photographers are able to shoot your wedding photos in any of these styles, and only work at one wedding on a day. This means you can get excellent coverage in a combined style. To find out more about what we offer, get in touch today!