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Your wedding day is going to be full of moments that a professional photographer will capture for you. Whatever photography style you choose, there are some shots from before the wedding that every couple will want as part of their wedding album.

  • The dress: Before you put it on, have your photographer take a few shots of it hanging up.
  • The flowers: Even if you’re planning on preserving your bouquet, it’s great to have a shot of it (and any other flowers) in all their glory.
  • The bride getting ready: The moments when the bride gets ready, helped by her bridesmaids and mother, can be full of emotion, and are always worth capturing.
  • The bride with bridesmaids and groom with groomsmen: These group shots are generally taken before the ceremony, but can also be done after. Either way, they’re a great addition to your album.
  • essence-ringsThe rings: Before the ceremony, get a few shots of the rings. These often result in beautifully artistic photos that you’ll want to display.
  • The empty venue: After everything is set up, but before the guests arrive, your photographer can shoot the venue. This gives you a beautiful reminder of the beautiful location you chose for your big day.

There are many other moments that your photographers will be able to capture on your wedding day. Working with an experienced New Jersey wedding photographer can ensure that you get all the shots you want, and all the special moments that great photographers can catch. To find out more about what we can bring to your wedding day, get in touch now!