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Still photos are a wedding day essential. They can be displayed for years to come, and can be the basis of an album that you can show future generations. But are they enough for fully capturing your wedding day?

A wedding video can give you a more complete memory of your wedding. Having a video of your ceremony can be a way of really sharing that moment with your future children and grandchildren. It can remind you of the beautiful vows you exchanged, and the emotion of the moment.


Similarly, a wedding video can be a great way to capture the first dance. While a still photo might capture a single instant of your dance, a wedding video will capture the whole thing. You can watch your full dance, with the music that you chose, in stunning high definition.

Just like you need to choose a great New Jersey wedding photographer, you also need to choose an experienced wedding videographer. We can provide both still photos and videos, and give you the best coverage of your wedding so you can remember all the important moments for years to come. To find out more about what we offer, or to book us for your New Jersey wedding, give us a call today.