Should you meet the photographer?

Absolutely, you will be with him or her the entire day, and the feel you get when you meet them is very important. Do they have a sense of humor to keep your day light and fun. Will they be able to handle the many distractions that will come along during your wedding day? Cranky bridesmaids, bad weather, time restraints,etc? 


What should I look for in a wedding photographer?


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Choosing a wedding photographer is a surprisingly difficult part of planning your wedding.  Not every photographer is the same; they all offer different packages and have different ways of working.  Choosing a photographer for your wedding should take just as much time as any other decision within your wedding, as you will only get one chance to capture the day, and you want to make sure that you have beautiful photos to pour over and not ones that you just hide in an album and never look at.

When looking for a wedding photographer you should make sure that their approach fits in with the feel and theme of your wedding as much as everything else does.  If you are planning a big formal wedding with a set schedule and traditional feel, then you should choose a wedding photographer that can show examples of work he or she has done like this.  If you are having a more laid back kind of day, you should look for a photographer that can show a more informal style.  If you are wearing a full white gown at a big church you probably won’t want the same kind of photos for it you were wearing a nice dress at a city hall!

 ImageMost importantly, choose a photographer that isn’t planning to shot another wedding on the same day.  This is your day and you don’t want to be working around the photographers schedule, you should be setting your own.  For a photographer that focuses on you on your wedding day visit our website to get in touch.

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